Transport and Directions to and from Bermuda Airport

Most of the hotels in Bermuda provide clients with transport right from the Bermuda Airport. Other forms of transportation that you can use upon your arrival at Bermuda Airport to get to your acommodation are local public buses, official taxis and mini vans.

bermuda bus schedule

Bermuda Bus Station | Image Source:

Keep in mind that public buses don’t accept luggage and taxi rates are quite expensive in Bermuda.

Bermuda Taxi

Taking a taxi to Bermuda is quite expensive and they all run a meter. The starting fare is $6.40 which means that only the fact that you get in the taxi will cost you this much.

From Bermuda Airport to Hamilton, the fare varies between $28 and $35, depending on where in the city you want to go. You should also know that the maximum allowed capacity of the taxi is four passengers or even two, if you carry a lot of luggage with you.

The fare is $6 for the first mile and each extra mile from then on is $2. The taxi fares are higher from 12 to 6 AM and also on Sundays and during holidays. If you don’t find an available taxi upon your arrival in Bermuda you can order one via phone:

  • Bermuda Island Taxi (441 295 4141),
  • BIU Co-op Taxi Transportation Service (441 292 4476) and
  • BTA (Dispatching) Ltd. (441 296 2121).

Private Mini Buses

There are private mini buses that work just like a taxi service, taking you from the Bermuda Airport to your accommodation. They are provided by the Bermuda Triangle Tours, a company that, besides airport transfer, also offers tours of the Bermuda Islands.

You can contact them at the following number: 441.293.5806. The maximum capacity of these mini buses is 15 persons.

Bermuda Transportation

In Bermuda, tourists aren’t allowed to rent cars. Only locals are allowed to own and drive cars mainly because the roads are very narrow and dangerous, driving being done on the left side of the road just like in the United Kingdom.

This means that you just have to find another way to get around Bermuda, such as taxis, public buses or the local motorize bicycles.

Travel by Bus

There are public buses leaving from the Bermuda Airport every 15 minutes. Bermuda has 14 different zones covered by 11 bus lines. Here is a map of the bus zones in Bermuda:

bermuda bus map

Bermuda Bus Map and Zones | Image Source:

From Bermuda Airport, Southside Gate 1, you can take

  • the bus #6 that will take you to St. David’s island or
  • the buses #10 or #3 which will take you to further areas of St. George’s.

Bus Tickets Prices

A regular ticket for a maximum number of 3 zones is $3. Keep in mind that you need exact change to pay the driver. You can also purchase $4 tokens at the Central Bus Terminal that you can use to pay the driver with.

If you’re going to use the public bus a lot while you’re in Bermuda, you can just purchase a booklet of 15 tickets at the price of $30. These booklets can be bought at the central bus terminal or from any post office.

Bermuda Ferry Service

bermuda ferry service

Bermuda Ferry Routes | Image Source:

There are four ferry routes (Blue, Orange, Green and Pink) operated by SeaExpress and the main ferry terminal is located in Hamilton.

If you need the latest Bermuda Ferry Schedule information visit official website of ferry provider SeaExpress here: