Bermuda Airport Guide

Bermuda Airport is quite small, having only one passenger terminal and a cargo terminal. There are ten airlines that are flying to and from this airport. Bermuda Airport is actually the only one that Bermuda Islands have, being located in St. George’s, close to the capital city of Hamilton.

Bermuda Airport

L.F. Wade International Airport in Bermuda | Image Source:

Airport Map

If you want to know how to get around at Bermuda Airport, you can check out the map available here.

bermuda airport map

Terminal Map Ground Level

bermuda international airport map

Terminal Map Upper Level

You will see where the lounges, duty free shops, as well as food and beverage places are located.


Each airline has a lounge where you can relax and wait for your next flight, granted that you have bought plane tickets for that particular airline. There also is an Executive Lounge for passengers who are flying first class and a BA Executive Club Lounge available at Bermuda Airport.

Shops, Bars and Restaurants

Bermuda Airport provides tourists passing through with several places where they can eat and drink such as the La Trattoria & Sports Bar and Island Coffee & Bistro, both located in the U.S Departures area.

You can also find a duty free shop, apparel and jewelry or Bermuda souvenirs stores in the Departures area as well. A café called café Boulevard is available on the ground floor and another duty free can be found in the Arrivals area too.

Money Exchange

You can find an ATM on the ground level and another one on the upper level of the terminal which you can use. If you travel to Bermuda from the United States, you should know that the local currency is the Bermuda Dollar which is at parity with the US Dollar.

Tourist Information

Anyone who visits Bermuda is interested in knowing the coolest areas that they can visit and the most fun things to do. If you don’t want to miss out on anything that Bermuda has to offer, you definitely have to check out the detailed Bermuda Island Guide on this page.

Car Rental

Owning and renting a car is restricted in Bermuda only to the locals so you won’t be able to hire a car while you are there.